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About Us

Assessment & Counseling Solutions (ACS) provides assessment, treatment and counseling services:

  • SATOP Substance Awareness Traffic Offender Program for DWI arrests or court orders
  • REACT Required Educational Assessment Community Treatment

ALCOHOL & DRUG EVALUATIONS AND TREATMENT: individual or as requested by employers, courts, probation and parole, attorneys or others.

  • D.O.T. Department of Transportation assessment
  • COMPULSIVE GAMBLING:  individual, group and family counseling treatment (100% state funded regardless of income)
  • DRUG AND ALCOHOL TESTING through urine drug screens or hair follicle testing.
  • ANGER AND AGGRESSION education and treatment
  • Mental Health & Well Being: individual counseling for stress management, anxiety, co-dependency and other personal issues. (Most insurance accepted)

Substance Abuse, SATOP and React services at ASSESSMENT & COUNSELING SOLUTIONS are certified through the Missouri Division of Behavioral Health and  are confidential.  Clients authorize any information to be released.

ASSESSMENT & COUNSELING SOLUTIONS was founded in 2003 by managing partners Bill Sunderman, MEd, LPC, and Jane West, LCSW, (retired) who have extensive experience as professional counselors and treatment specialists.  All ASSESSMENT & COUNSELING SOLUTIONS staff are licensed and/or certified by the State of Missouri to provide services in their areas of expertise.   The goal of ASSESSMENT & COUNSELING SOLUTIONS is to provide accessible, affordable and quality counseling services to the St. Louis and Jefferson County areas.  We have worked with thousands of clients who have benefited from our services.